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The WPPC provides several resources to our site visitors. We have a collection of yard plans that have been developed by our members to jumpstart planning for natural gardens in your yard. We also have a collection of our favorite links to other sites that provide Native Plant information and other resources:


Yard Plans ->

These plans are designed to provide color through the seasons, varying heights, forbs (flowering plants) and grasses, and appealing design. The plans may be edited to suit your needs by changing plant selection, changing the size or shape, or moving a plant to another location. Whether you use the plans as is, or change them, they are a useful tool to ease the planning of your garden. Comments and questions can be sent to Carol Rice.

Dry Mesic Prairie (plant list / plot) - This design is for yards that are dry and get at least 6 hours of sun a day.

Moist Prairie (plant list / plot) - This design is for yards that will stay damp to wet longer than other areas and get at least 5 hours of sun a day.

Savanna / Woodland (plant list / plot) - This design is for planting around treed areas in the yard. The species list has a text section at the end explaining that there is inter-planting in some sections due to the fact that some woodland species are ephemeral (plants that bloom in the spring and then die back, but the root system remains alive).

Blank Plot (Blank plot) - This sheet provides a kidney-shaped plot for you to be creative and add plants of your choosing.

Versatile Plant List (Versatile plant list) - This list provides a selection of plants that do well in a variety of environments. You can use this list (or other selections) with the Blank Plot above to create your own garden plan.

PLEASE NOTE: Many plants are poisonous, in whole or in part. This is true of some house plants and other garden plants, as well as some natives. Special attention is being drawn to the berries of the red and white baneberries being poisonous because of their attractive appearance. Please substitute other plants if this is a concern.

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Illinois Native Plant Links ->

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Natural Landscape Seminar Handouts & Links>

Every year the WPPC holds it's annual Natural Landscape Seminar. The following links provide great local information, or links to sites of key participants:

Vendor Information:

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