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A Natural Garden in Your Yard!

… a Mentoring Program

The "Natural Garden in Your Yard" program was established in early 2005 by the Wildflower Preservation and Propagation Committee. Our goal is to assist and encourage homeowners in transforming traditional lawn and garden space to native plant gardens. Homeowners interested in getting started with native plants, but lacking confidence, gain knowledge and support through the program.

As a Natural Garden participant, you will be given assistance in the planning of a small native garden area. The garden becomes a living classroom where you gain first hand knowledge of native wildflowers and discover the wonders of nature interacting at your door. Experience with this garden may inspire you to attempt a more major renovation or restoration in future years, or can just be enjoyed on its own for years to come.

To date, this program has proven rewarding for both mentors and students. Many of our participants have added to their first-year gardens, becoming ambassadors for the program. Several now serve as mentors themselves. The program provides:

Native plant gardens can be rain gardens, butterfly gardens, native plant borders, stopover habitats for migrating birds, or formal plantings using natives.

Small backyards can contribute valuable natural habitat.

If you are attracted to the idea of gardening with native plants and would like the support offered by the program, download an Application and return it to address listed within it. Questions are welcomed!

Sample Native Garden plans are available on the WPPC Resource web page.

Please contact Carol Rice at or 847-382-1181, or visit with any of the program participants.

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